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A large part of our work involves accessing hard-to-reach areas of buildings. We always consider the context of the job and the type of work that needs to take place before deciding on an access option. We are able to use the following access methods: scaffolding, cradle, ladder, and rope. We have a didicated in-house Rope Access teams, which is suitably skilled to attend to your needs. We often make use of rope access when clients require that their building continues operating without having an unsightly scaffold erected in front of it, as this can have an adverse effect on their business operation e.g hotels, convention centers


We carry out the redecoration of all roof types. Often roofs are redecorated for aesthetic reasons only, but it must be mentioned that roofs (especially corrugated iron and chromadek roofs) must be redecorated to ensure the longevity of the roofing material. By painting a roof, protective layers are applied which helps reduce the temperatures inside a building. Cleaning out of gutters and sealing of gutters joints are also jobs worth considering when painting a roof. it is more affordable to redecorate a roof than it is to replace a roof


Prior to the redecoration process, structural repairs often need to take place. We often consult with structual engineers and have specifications drawn up by them or the relevant supplier. This is done to ensure that correct and diligent structural repairs are done so that the structural integrity of the building can be preserved and to reduce the probability of expensive and inconvenient future construction


This forms an integral part of redecoration work, failure to address waterproofing in a sensible and sustainable way will reduce the effectiveness of the subsequent redecoration and potentially lead to structural damage to the building


Protecting your building from the elements and daily wear and tear is paramount. Preparation that includes power-washing, sealing of cracks and uneven surfaces, are steps to ensure long-lasting results